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When I first started teaching Spanish, I used traditional grammar lessons with my students.  However, with more time and experience, I saw that lessons related to conversation and real situations were very interesting and most effective for many students. So I decided to offer conversational sessions instead.  These sessions can be applied to specific student goals like business, tourism, and everyday life…and I always encourage students to use their own study methods.... and of course, to have fun!

With these conversational classes you will be able to test your abilities and work on your weaknesses.  Studying grammar from a book is important, but to communicate and interact with other Spanish speakers you will need to practice speaking and listening.  Many Spanish speaking countries use different accents and speeds, and just reading and writing will not prepare you to speak with the native people.

This is also your opportunity to feel free and comfortable to talk. This is very important, especially for people who are shy.  Here is your chance to make mistakes and not feel embarrassed!  I'm here to help you improve!

No boring and complicated grammar lessons here!  We will have fun and interesting conversations that will help you become more fluent in Spanish!

Traveling to Medellín, Colombia?

Be sure to contact me about taking classes in person.  Also, check out my Cycle Rides page if you want to explore the city!!!