"I studied with Milena for 3 weeks and was very impressed with her style of teaching she created to relaxed environment where I found myself taking a lot which I feel is the most important thing in a language class.
She also made a good effort to prepare and find good learning material for each class and without a doubt found I learnt a lot more with her one on one classes then a more conventional class."
-Chris Gray, Scottland


"When I arrived in Medellin, Colombia; I quickly realized that my basic level of Spanish was not enough.  I had listened to CDs and used a number of books to study, but, what I really needed was a tutor.  Fortunately I met Milena and started taking classes from her.  Within a few sessions my ability to speak and understand Spanish increased significantly.  She was very patient and easy to communicate with.  For me, the most important aspect of her classes was the versatility.  She tailored the classes to meet my needs so I was able to learn to communicate more effectively during my stay.  I continue to take Spanish classes from her on Skype, and recommend her to others.  Why pay hundreds of dollars to share your speaking time in a classroom with other students?  Having Milena as a private tutor is far more affordable and produces better results."
-Dennis McElroy, USA


"Milena was recommended to me by a friend who had previously taken lessons with her.  My Spanish was stuck on the same level and I couldn't seem to progress, however after a few weeks with Milena I could see a big improvement.  She explained things in a very simple way that I was able to understand.  She has helped me a lot to take the next step in learning Spanish."
-Paul Docherty, Scottland


"Milena is a great tutor. She has been able to answer my on-the-spot questions as well as present new tenses and grammar points and provide practice for me to do at home. Thanks!"
-Bradford Melius, USA


"Dear Milena
Thanks a lot for your classes, they were very well prepared and of high quality. I really improved my Spanish and would recommend your classes to everyone.
Un abrazo."
-Gregor Mueller, Switzerland


"Colombia is a beautiful country full of wonderful people.
Spanish is the principal language...there are not many English speakers.
My efforts to learn Spanish include self study and immersion into the Spanish culture.  These are important efforts...but I know I needed more.

I have taken several Spanish lessons from Milena.
The learning that I achieve having her for a teacher...exceeds all of my individual efforts to learn the language.
Milena is fluent in English and Spanish.
She has a calm and relaxed and patient teaching style.
She customizes her teaching methods to fit the needs of each student.
She offers encouragement and helpful tips to help remember important points.
She has handout materials that are very useful during private study time.
My classes were one hour private classes....at a very reasonable price.

I learned a lot of Spanish taking my classes from Milena.
My only regret is...that I did not take more classes from her.
When I return to Colombia...I will be learning from her again.
I highly recommend her as a teacher...she can help anyone learn Spanish."
Best Regards,
-Skip Vetten, USA


"Milena is a well-organized teacher. She was able to judge my level very quickly and responded with appropriately pitched lessons. She has very clear materials and explains things very well.
When I came to Milena’s lessons I was very much wanting to bust out of basic. Within a very short time I was talking with confidence and fluency. My writing and reading also improved quickly. My listening has improved greatly as Milena speaks clearly and uses a vocabulary pitched at my level. I highly recommend Milena as a Spanish tutor."
-Colin Miller, Australia


"My first time studying Spanish was for a couple of weeks in a school in Bolivia- but a long time ago. With the basics somewhere in my head, Milena helped me get them back.  She taught me some new grammar, words and introduced me the past tense. In the three weeks I had lessons from her, with sometimes a lot of homework (which I needed), I learned a lot.  I don’t have language skills but with a lot of practice I’m now able to have a one on one conversation in Spanish.  I learned a lot and I am really thankful."
-Kobeck Niehof, Holland